KUCHING : Sarawak Dayak Graduates’ Association (SDGA) members have been urged to give full support to whoever leads them.

"Support your leader by not adopting the jealousy culture to bring him down," Deputy Chief Minister, Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri (Dr) Alfred Jabu Ak Numpang, told the SDGA members yesterday. Speaking at the association’s Annual General Meeting held at the Telang Usan Hotel here, Jabu called on the SDGA members to allow their leader to plan and guide the association.

"In my observation, a good leader will have his leadership quality showing up on the second or third year of his tenure of office," Jabu said.

He also said, "whatever is your differences (regional, academic, political or social, and the like), do not use SDGA as a platform to go astray from the govenment.

"If you do your organization will stand to lose, and the community you represent will consequently suffer because they tend to base their judgement on your opinion for leadership," he said.

Jabu added he had seen many good organizations which genuinely had a humble, moderate thinking, hardworking leader with good linkage with the government being "axed" out from his leadership by the criticism from the 10% to 25% minority amongst the members, who by their loud noise and sometimes rough tactics could silence the 75% to 90% majority.

"It is my hope that these silent majority must rethink and come forward with good proposal which can be justified and supported in order to save the organization which originally has noble objectives and purposes.

"Work closely with the government. Never attempt to run away from it otherwise you will lose out by distancing hourself form benefiting from its programmes.

"Respect our adat and tradition. Don’t throw or neglect our adat/customs for the sake of promoting in a hurried manner social and political influence from outside," he said.

Earlier in his speech, he said the "big" questions for university graduates was how to organize themselves to make effective use of their qualifications to translate those talents and skill as graduates to serve the society.

He reminded them that in multi-racial and multi-religious Sarawak, it was important to be mindful at all times that a balance of harmony and tolerance should always be maintained.

Jabu later announced a grant of RM20,000 to SDGA. SDGA president, Dr Joseph Jawa Kendawang, in his speech earlier said under his leadership, "we decide to take a moderate approach to work with all including the government on a win-win situation, and this has yielded results."

He added SDGA  would continue to pursue its noble objectives, not only for the betterment/advancement of its members, but also the progress of all communities in Sarawak.

He also pointed out in its new structure, SDGA had divided its committee members into three sectors, namely, that of education, economic and social integration.

Among those present were State ministers Datuk William Mawan Ak Ikom, Datuk Micheal Manyin Ak Jawong, and the 130 registered graduates of the association.

Source: Sunday Eastern Times, 22 February 2009


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