Financial Facilities Especially For Graduates

Malaysia government channel an additional allocation of RM25 million in the 9th Malaysia Plan for Graduate Entrepreneurs Fund [TUS]. The provisions are intended to encourage more university graduates entered the field of entrepreneurship. SME Bank has managed to produce a successful Graduate Entrepreneurs contribute personal income through the business and improving the country’s growth engine. The fund was easy to start a business of financing the service and industrial sectors and for graduates who already have an existing business.

Features - Features TUS

  • Loans from RM20, 000 up to RM500, 000
  • Financing a total of RM750, 000 can be given to the taking-over companies
  • The rate of profit (markup) 4% per annum monthly rest



  • Open to Malaysians
  • At least Diploma holders accredited by MQA
  • Graduated not more 15 years
  • Age not exceeding 40 years old



  • No Guarantor
    • For the financing of buildings / premises
    • For the financing of up to RM100, 000
  • Guarantor
    • For financing exceeding RM100, 000, guarantor guarantees only 20% of the amount exceeding RM100, 000


Other Information About TUS

  • TUS gave maximum financing of 10 years or up to 20 years (for buildings / businesses only)
  • Grace period may also be considered up to a maximum 48 months
  • Maximum financing can be up to 100% financing for less than RM100, 000 and 90% for the financing of more than RM100, 000
  • Individual firms, partnerships and private companies can apply for TUS
  • All types of businesses are allowed except for property investment and
  • Primary Agriculture industry


How To Apply For Graduate Entrepreneur Fund (TUS)

  • Applicant who have been in business and in operation for more than two years are exempted attending courses conducted by INSKEN and the screening process is at INSKEN.
  • Applicants may submit a Business Plan to SME Bank’s nearest branch.
  • Applicants who have no experience in business need to attend courses conducted by INSKEN.
  • Course registration can be made via online at www.insken.gov.my or by calling INSKEN, Ms. Arni / Pn Nurashikin :03-88805162 / 5195 / 5171
  • After attending the course, applicants are required to submit five copies of their Business Plans to INSKEN.
  • The screening process will be conducted by the INSKEN and applicants are required to present their Business Plan. (Applicants who operate in Sabah / Sarawak
  • are granted exemption from attending the screening process at INSKEN.
  • If the business plan meets the requirements of the Fund, the proposal will be forwarded to SME Bank’s nearest branch.
  • SME Bank will evaluate the application and provide feedback.
  • For eligibility requirements please refer to TUS terms.


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