The Sarawak Dayak Graduates Association (SDGA) held its 9th Annual General Meeting at Telang Usan Hotel, Kuching on 29th March 2014(Saturday). The AGM was attended by 56 members. In this AGM, the main agenda were to receive Secretary General and Treasurer General Report for 2013 and to elect members of the Executive Committee for year 2014-2017.

In his opening remarks, DrDusitJaul, SDGA Presidentexpressed his gratitude to the current Executive Committee and association members for their high level of commitment during their tenure. DrDusit’s expectation is that for the next EXCO, members elected will be those who are action-oriented and passionate about doing community work. Passionate driven members will ensure the success of SDGA and can lead the association to greater height, no less important, tobe benchmarked by other NGOs.

The election for members of the Executive Committee for year 2014-2017 was smoothly conducted by a credential committee ledby Mr Robert Malong. The followings are office bearers for 2014-2017 term.

  • Dr. Dusit Jaul (President)
  • Ms. Noelle Lily Morse (Deputy President)
  • Dr. Charlie Dudang (Vice President (Iban))
  • Mr. Stalin Johneny (Vice President (Bidayuh))
  • Mr. Daniel Bampa (Vice President (Orang Ulu))
  • Ms. Amelia Sima Jimbun (Secretary General)
  • Mr. Tamoi Tanggu (Treasurer General)
  • Mr. UdenSanggai (Deputy Secretary General)
  • Ms. Lucia Samuel (Deputy Treasurer General)
  • Dr.CliffonAkoi (Committee Member)
  • Dr. Thomas Buan (Committee Member)
  • Dr. AlimImpira (Committee Member)
  • Ms. Hazelina Samuel (Committee Member)
  • Ms. Carolina Sandra Giang (Committee Member)
  • Ms. Linda David (Committee Member)
  • Ms. Rosaline Neging (Committee Member)
  • Mr. Girie@BelayongKadir (Committee Member)
  • Mr. Reuben Jagai (Committee Member)
  • Mr. Stonton Morse (Committee Member)
  • Ms. Cassy Cassandra Mitaha (Committee Member)


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