As part of its on-going programme to create greater awareness on the importance of having good education, the Sarawak Dayak Graduates Association (SDGA) with cooperation from the Kota Samarahan District Education Office and the school management organized the above programme on 5th April 2014. The programme was attended by more than one hundred primary six students who will be sitting for the UPSR exam this coming September 2014. Accompanying most of them were their parents who took time away from their daily routines to be with their children.

In his address to students and parents, SDGA President, Dr.DusitJaul reminded students that their destinies lie in their own hands. At their early age, students should maintain a high level of discipline as the absence, or lack of it will destroy their future. No less important is that students should have big dream in addition to having certain objectives in life. Without dreams and objectives, students can easily be distracted in their studies. As students of this school are day students, commuting from home, parents too have their own responsibilities monitoring the movement of their children. It is very desirable for parents to impose “curfew time” in the evening for students to concentrate on their study. Without strict time table for study, students would easily fall victims to distraction caused by the environment around them.

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