New Strategic Direction

1. Brief Background

1.1. SDGA was duly registered as an association on 21st July 2001. Since then, it has had two terms executive committees. The first executive committee was headed by Prof. Dr. Dimbab Ngidang and the second, by Dr. Joseph Jawa. Since its formation, the association had initiated a number of activities in line with its (13) objectives.


2. The Setting

2.1 It is intentional plan of the present committee to inject new life to SDGA. This is a matter of priority as the Dayak communities have high expectation of the association especially with the present committee. Challenges facing the Dayak communities are numerous. Against these backdrops, the present committee strongly feels that SDGA must be in the forefront to propel Dayak moving into the 21st century.

2.2. Vision 2020, the year when Malaysia is to attain developed nation  status is eleven years down the road. There is general consensus among Dayak that our community has a lot of “catching-up” actions to take, notably in the field of education and human capital development. This is a direct challenge to SDGA’s very existence. We have to confront this challenge head on in order that SDGA remain relevant to the community. The issue of relevancy had been discussed and deliberated exhaustively upon which the idea of SDGA’s framework development was mooted and hatched.


3. Phased Growth
The committee had adopted a three-phase growth for SDGA as indicated below.

1.1.    Short term (2009-2011)- Institutional building
1.2.    Medium term (2012-2015)- Institutional growth
1.3.    Long term (2016-2020)- Institutional maturity

1.1.    Short term (2009-2011)- Institutional Building

This is the institutional building phase. As the name clearly implies, the key focus of this committee within this period is to build SDGA, not so much as an association but as an as an institution. To manage SDGA the like of a business entity/house is deeply ingrained in the mindset of the present committee members. Translated into action, this essentially means the committee will managed SDGA strictly as a business entity and likewise, runs it businesslike.

Within this institutional building phase, two core activities have been identified as crucial to achieving the objective to build up SDGA as a respectable institution. They are:

•    Improve SDGA’s financial base, and
•    Build up the association’s membership base.

In the context of the above, the present committee members hope to raise a minimum amount of RM100,000.00 in 2009. Membership wise, the target is to have 1000 members by end of 2009. In between programs to raise fund and recruit new members, SDGA will carry out “people building” activities. Attachment 1 contains list of activities/programs to be carried out in 2009. Detail programs for 2010-2011 will be worked out later.


1.2.    Institutional growth

Three yeas (2009-2011) is sufficient time to build up SDGA as a respectable institution after which the association must grow to new height and ever ready to face new challenges facing the Dayak community. Institutional growth means SDGA is already past institutional building stage.

In this phase of institutional growth (2012-2015), SDGA must embark upon activities and ventures that yield tangible results to the Dayak communities. This is the phase when SDGA must be seen to be relevant to the Dayak. In order to be relevant to the Dayak, SDGA must be more active on the ground. In this respect, more activities/programs will be initiated at the grass root level, covering more districts and even to village level.

If in the first phase, SDGA depend on fund raising activities to source for revenue, then in this second phase, SDGA should focus on revenue generating activities. Within this period, the association will look into investment opportunities available in the state and elsewhere. Details of these will be worked out by SDGA’a appointed experts later. 

During this period too, SDGA should have few full time staff operating from the association’s office. The association’s office, bigger and better, is to be located elsewhere. 

1.3.    Institutional Maturity (2016-2020)

Institutional maturity means SDGA had come of age. SDGA is now in a stable position. The association has least worries about its financial position. It has big membership base. SDGA is now the talk of the Dayak. SDGA is now a saleable brand name.

At this stage, SDGA is in a position to think and decide on its strategic direction with the overall context of working towards the betterment of the Dayak. Like a matured person, a matured SDGA means it has achieved tangible success and is working relentlessly toward achieving many more successes. Success after all, is a running target. The greatest danger facing any organization/association is to lure itself into complacency. In this context, the present committee members are mindful of the fact that our self perception of success can breed failure. 

The question is; from this position of hard-earned stability where do we go? What are the logical things to do in the next five years (2016-2020)? In management perspective, the issue is how do we manage success? As clearly stated above, SDGA must not lull itself into complacency. The ‘sickness’ of organizational inertia prevalent in many organizations must not be allowed to creep into SDGA. 

It must be borne in mind that the period 2016-2020 coincides with the government’s 11th Malaysia Plan. Less we forget, the 11th Malaysia Plan is our final push to achieve Vision 2020; the year when this country is to achieve developed nation status.

In this context, the logical thing for SDGA to do is to talk to the federal government that this association must be incorporated as a member of the Federal government’s Inter Agency Planning Group (IAPG) for the planning of the 11th Malaysia Plan. The minimum requirement is that SDGA must be consulted when it comes to formulating policies for the 11th Malaysia Plan.

SDGA’s programs/activities during these five years (2006-2020) must leverage on incentives provided by the government. SDGA will have to fit in into the government’s overall community development framework. Whoever is the president of SDGA in this period, he/she must take cognizance of this politico-socio and economic realities.  We must be an active team player to push the Dayak community towards achieving Vision 2020.