Motivational Program

SDGA Cares: Program Aspirasi Minda – Balingian

Tuesday, 9 April 2024

Venue: Rh. Petrous Ambun, Lubuk Bukut, Balingian
Date:  2 March 2024 (Saturday)
Time: 8.00a.m – 4.00p.m


  1. Impart information on opportunities for tertiary education to the rural community
  2. Provide information on financial assistance/bursaries/scholarships for tertiary education
  3. Inspire the rural community, especially schoolchildren to pursue secondary and tertiary education
  4. Give insight into the various career opportunities in various sectors and industries
  5. Motivate the rural community, especially parents to ensure that they understand the importance of education for their children

Organised by SDGA together with JKKK Rh Petrous Ambun and Klinik Pergigian Selangau, the event was attended by 400 people. The programme was lead by SDGA President, Dr. Jawing Chunggat, SDGA Exco Members, SDGA Women’s Committee,  Penghulu Jeffery Irut, and Tuai Rumah Petrous Ambun. The event was officiated by YB Dato Sri John Sikie Anak Tayai, Minister in Premier’s Department and ADUN for N.60 Kakus.

Activities held included educational and motivational talk for schoolchildren and parents:-“Halatuju Selepas SPM” and “Aspirasi Komuniti”, “Program Aspirasi Minda” which involved primary school children, “Dental Check-up” and “Health Screening” organised by SDGA members.

We would like to extend our gratitude to YB Dato Sri John Sikie and YB Edwin Banta for the continuous support in building the community.