President Message

Kapit Mini Drobotex 2019

Sunday, 9 August 2020

In our effort to promote the importance of digital literacy, we have collaborated with Sarawak Multimedia Authority (SMA) and Tabung Ekonomi Gagasan Anak Sarawak (TEGAS) in organising a Mini Drobotex in Kapit.

Drobotex is an annual robot and drone expo usually held in Kuching. It is a 2-day exhibition, competition and workshop that expose the visitors, students and community into the world of new emerging technology in drone and robotics.

It was the first time ever being held outside of Kuching, and we are very honoured to have been identified as a strategic partner to bring the event to Kapit. The Mini Drobotex Kapit was held on 13th – 14th November 2019 at Dewan Suarah Kapit. We managed to gather more than 500 students from various schools in Kapit, Song and Kanowit.

What the event taught us is that our rural kids are very talented and have all the abilities to be on par with anyone in the world. They picked up the skills to operate drones and do basic coding like duck to water. They just need more opportunities to further harness their talent and we hope to provide more platforms for them to do so in 2020 and beyond.

Gary Ningkan