Motivational Program

PROGRAM ASPIRASI MINDA at RH Jeffery Irut, Lubuk Bukut, Balingian

Wednesday, 5 June 2019


On 5th June 2019, SDGA organised a community outreach entitled “SDGA Cares; Program Aspirasi Minda” at Rumah Jeffery Irut, Lubuk Bukut, Balingian. The Association was led by its President, Mr Gary Ningkan and Deputy-President, DR Jawing Chunggat as well as their fellow ExCo Members.

The purpose of the initiative is to motivate the younger generation to do well in their studies as well as to raise awareness especially in rural areas on the importance of having a constructive community when it comes to children’s education.

Main highlights of the program included:-

  1. A motivational talk on the roles of parents and longhouse folks in children’s education by Ms. Hazellyn Rimbar, Principal Assistant Secretary (STEM & English Section) from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Research.
  2. ‘Aspirasi Minda’ activity conducted by Mr. Jordan Anthony Layan, Students Engagement Officer of Swinburne Sarawak whereby the longhouse children were encouraged to share and express their future aspirations and ambitions.
  3. Distribution of school stationery sets to 35 school children and goody bags which consisted of stationery essentials such as pens, pencils, erasers, colour pencils and colouring book.

In his speech during the event, Mr. Gary Ningkan, also showed his support and spoke of the importance of using English in the teaching of Science and Mathematics.
SDGA also managed to squeezed in time to have a brief visit to the local school which serves the longhouse in the area, SK Kuala Lemai.

Earlier on 1st June 2019, an exco member from SDGA also distributed some 20 school stationery sets to the longhouse children of Rumah Sungai Rusa in Pakan.