Social Activities

SDGA Hiking Trip with Friends and Family to Gunung Serapi Summit Trail, Kubah National Park

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Time: 8.00 am
Assembled at Matang Commercial Centre
Hikers : SDGA Women Committee – Hazelina Samuel, Lucia Samuel, Sylvia Valentine, Angela Henry and Amelia Jimbun
Friends & Family – Roseme Peter, Chan Lee Ching, Melissa Riman and Natalie Davina

On Saturday morning of 29th September 2012, we, the SDGA Women Committee, have organized a hiking trip with friends and family to Gunung Serapi Summit Trail at Kubah National Park. We assembled at Matang Commercial Centre and drove up to Kubah National Park at 8.00 am. After the group photo session, we walked up along the tarred road to Gunung Serapi. We made few pit stops and some of the stops were the Frog Ponds, Waterfalls Trail and Rayu Trail. We took time to explore the nature as well as watch sightings of wild animals and plants. We reached the summit of Gunung Serapi of 2600 feet approximately at 11.30 am. At the summit, we could view Kuching city, Mount Santubong and mountain peaks. We had picnic lunch and phototaking session at the resting place. At 12.30pm, we descended and left Kubah National Park right after. Even though we were tired, it was amazing trip for us as we learn to appreciate and nature as well as to keep ourselves fit. We look forward to more nature outings in the future and hope that more members would join us.