Motivational Program

One Step Ahead (OSA) outreach programme – SMK Spaoh

Tuesday, 9 April 2024

The eagerly anticipated One Step Ahead (OSA) outreach programme, now in its sixth edition, unfolded at SMK Spaoh, Betong, from 25 to 26 November 2023. Organized by the Persatuan Mahasiswa Fakulti Ekonomi dan Perniagaan (PERFEP), in a collaborative effort with the Sarawak Dayak Graduates Association (SDGA) and the Youth Empowerment Society Sarawak (YESS), OSA 6.0 aimed to inspire and empower upper secondary students mainly Form 5 and 6 in rural and suburban schools, propelling them toward academic excellence and a future in tertiary education.

OSA 6.0 built upon the success of its predecessors, particularly the impactful OSA 5.0 held at SMK Simanggang, Sri Aman, in May 2023. The annual event has become a beacon of motivation for students, encouraging them to pursue higher education and set their sights on a brighter future.

Leading the initiative were 80 students from the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEP) Undergraduate Programmes, under the guidance of Programme Director Nur Faten Farhana Mohd Sudin accompanied by the advisor Madam Esmie Obrin Nichol and facilitated by SDGA president Dr. Jawing Chunggat, SDGA Vice President(Iban) Dr. Joshua Nuing, Vice President(Orang Ulu) Ts.Gilbert Thomas Jok and YESS representatives: President Mr Afiq Khatem and General Treasurer, Ts. Rizzo Mungka, the event brought together a wealth of expertise to guide and inspire the young minds. The facilitators aimed to provide valuable insights and mentorship to approximately 140 students at SMK Spaoh.

OSA 6.0 featured a carefully curated program designed to engage and inform. The program provided valuable insights into various higher learning institutions and enlightened students about the financial assistance options available for higher education. Among the highlights was a motivational talk conducted by SDGA members and YESS, creating an interactive session that aimed to ignite students’ enthusiasm for further studies. Other activities included mentorship sessions where UNIMAS facilitators shared their academic journeys, university life, and experiences. Team-building exercises, interactive games, and a lively Talent night added an element of fun and camaraderie to the event.

In reflecting on the impact of OSA 6.0, Programme Director Nur Faten Farhana remarked, “The energy and commitment displayed by the students at SMK Spaoh, coupled with the collaborative efforts of our partners, SDGA and YESS, reinforce the significance of initiatives like OSA in shaping the educational aspirations of our youth. We are one step closer to fostering a generation that is not only academically driven but also equipped with the confidence to pursue their dreams.”

As OSA continues to be a catalyst for positive change, the organizers express gratitude to all contributors, partners, and participants for making OSA 6.0 a resounding success, further solidifying its place as a cornerstone in the journey toward educational empowerment in Sarawak.