President’s Message

January 2016

For most of us, we enter the New Year (2016) full of vigour and resolve. Naturally so as we seek progress in life.

Well, talk about progress; I take pride in the fact that SDGA had progressed to where it is today. A great number of education related activities carried out involving thousands of stakeholders, the setting up of Divisional branches and good networking with other stakeholders. We have good working relationships with other NGOs, including our equivalent (ISKA) in the Indonesian province of Kalimantan Barat. These are, but just some examples of where we are today.

Not bad for an NGO that is run by some dedicated EXCO members. It needs no repetition the point about NGO work that I have said numerous times; that being part of an NGO is all about volunteerism. Who would pay, or reward you for your time, energy and knowledge that you sacrificed for community work? On the contrary, the association got unsolicited criticisms for “not doing enough”.

My challenge to the bystanders, to Dayak graduates is this; this 2016 be part of us, come on board. Members of our community need you, the intellectuals to guide them. I do believe that no assignment, no task and no challenge are insurmountable if we work together. With the current number of members that we have, we have done our utmost. This means that in order for us to do much more, we have to boost our membership base, an area that I do feel, had not been that satisfactory.

Dayak graduates; the onus is on you all. Let’s be part of the team – SDGA team that is committed towards community excellence. There is so much that we can contribute towards community excellence if only we care.

Happy new year to all!  May the Almighty bless our unselfish endeavours and devotions towards community empowerment through education.


Dr Dusit Jaul
Sarawak Dayak Graduates Association (SDGA) 2014-2017